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Portable Toilet Chemical Deodorizer 100 1oz Packs {1}
Portable Toilet Chemical Deodorizer 100 1oz Packs {1}

Portable Toilet Chemical Deodorizer 100 1oz Packs

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Portable Toilet Chemical Deodorizer 100 1oz Packs

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Inca Gold toilet deodorants are ideal for:
Bus and motor home toilet chemical
Pit Toilet Chemical
Vault Toilet Chemical
Aircraft toilet chemical
Railroad locomotive crew and passenger toilet chemical
RV Toilet chemical
Marine head chemical
Boat head chemical
1Z7Y27R80399391649 and deodorizer
Campground toilet chemical deodorizer
Public park restroom chemical
Camping toilet chemicalTrusted by the transportation industry since 1971, Inca Gold toilet chemicals and deodorants  were among the first to be developed and tested for regular commercial service on buses, aircraft, boats and railroads. 
Inca Gold biodegradable toilet chemicals and deodorants are completely safe for discharge into sewage treatment facilities. 
Available for commercial and private use! 
Inca Gold comes backed with 35 years of experience and continual product refinements -  ensuring our toilet chemicals and deodorants continue to deliver unsurpassed convenience  and odor control to hundreds of bus companies, railroads, commercial airlines, boat charter  companies, and RV parks across the United States and Internationally. 
Sold in convenient 1 oz and 2 ounce packets that are cost effective and easy to use
Non-formaldehyde, ready-to-use, concentrated formula
Biodegradable - Completely safe for discharge into sewage treatment facilities
Pleasant "airy" scent
For the best smelling toilets around trust Inca Gold. 
Using Inca Gold Powder Packets:
1.0 SCOPE: This operating instruction covers the characteristics of INCA GOLD NF Powder Toilet Deodorant when used in portable sanitation applications such as retention, recirculating, pit, vault, and portable toilets.
2.0 APPLICABILITY: INCA GOLD NF is applicable for use in controlling odors associated with the collection of human wastes in various portable sanitation toilet configurations.
3.0 GENERAL DESCRIPTION: INCA GOLD NF is a blue deodorant powder that contains active ingredients that readily dissolve in water to form an easily handled deodorant solution for use in the widest range of retention toilet systems. This product is available in 2 oz. hermetically sealed packettes, 30 lb and 180 lb drums. INCA GOLD NF does not generate any obnoxious or irritating fumes. It is safe to discharge into sewage treatment plants and is biodegradable.
4.0 APPLICATION INSTRUCTION: Various toilet designs and operating methods require specific chemical deodorant handling and application procedures. These procedures are as follows:
4.1 Retention Toilets: Retention toilets are often used in Portable Sanitation applications such as special events, construction sites, etc., and where temporary public toilet facilities are required. Retention Toilets generally have a volume of between 50 and 65 gallons, however, seldom is this capacity reached prior to pump out or waste removal. As a rule, 5 gallons of water mixed with the varying quantities of chemical deodorants are applied as a “precharge”. The amount of chemical required is dependent on a number of factors including:
a) mean temperature
b) period before next service
c) amount of waste to be collected
Generally a Retention Toilet which collects between 20-30 gallons of waste in 7 days at a mean temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit will require an addition of 2 oz. INCA GOLD NF Powder chemical to an initial precharge of 5 gallons. If the temperature is higher and the waste load remains the same, additional chemical will be required; the exact amounts are found by operating experience, but are generally: 2.5 oz.– 80 degrees Fahrenheit; 4 oz. – 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
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